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Since the dawn of…well, videogames, there always has been people looking take the easy road to victory. When stuck on a particular boss or level, it can become tempting to bend the rules to advance to the next section. Many games include hidden button combinations or codes to enter, which will modify the game to your advantage. Such trickery has become very popular over the years, encouraging developers to create specialised products designed solely for cheating.

One such company, Fire International Ltd, has continued to revolutionise the trend by producing increasingly ambitious cheat products. Recognised globally for producing ‘GameShark’ for MadCatz in the USA and ‘X-Terminator’ for Gametech in Japan, the company have now released the latest version of their popular ‘Xploder’ software.

‘Xploder V4 Professional’ offers a mammoth amount of game enhancing options. Its main selling point is clearly its cheat entry, but there are multiple other features including a game accelerator, memory manager, DVD region free and x-link cable to download cheats directly from the internet.

There are over 36,000 codes ready to use on the disc, including cheats for Grand Theft Auto Vice City, Final Fantasy X, Soul Calibur 2, Metal Gear Solid 2 plus hundreds of the hottest Playstation 2 titles. To activate a cheat, simply locate the game from the easy to navigate list, activate its master code, then highlight the cheats you want with the X button. Once selected, press the Start button to be taken back to the main menu. Select the ‘Start Game’ option and the disc drawer will open, requesting that you insert your chosen game. When ready, press X again to close the disc drawer, and the modified game will load – simple.

As new games are released every week, it would be impractical to fork out for updated cheat software all the time. Thankfully with ‘Xploder V4’ you won’t have to. New games can be manually added to the directory at any time, which are then saved onto a memory card. Cheat codes for the latest titles are regularly released at www.Xploder.net, so you can input additional cheat codes as they become available. Codes vary in length, and are laid out in sets of 16 letters and numbers. Many cheats require only one set of codes to be entered, but complex cheats can be quite long. To save time, you may want to consider purchasing a compatible USB keyboard.

Designed not only as a games console, the Playstation 2 also supports DVD playback. In a bid to stop piracy, and to control the distribution of films, the World has been divided into 6 regions. DVD’s are programmed to only play in the region they were purchased, which can be a headache for serious film fans. Quite often, films are released months in advance in other countries, or offer superior extras to your Region’s counterpart. ‘Xploder V4 Professional’ allows you to change your PS2’s Region from 1 to 6 at will, meaning you can import and play DVD’s from all over the World.

Due to many European televisions being less modern then ones in the United States, our games actually run slightly slower to compensate (50Hz). With most new Televisions now supporting the USA’s faster 60 Hz; ‘Xploder V4’ includes a Game Accelerator to play games at the speed they were supposed to be played. You can alternate the game speed from PAL (Europe) to NTSC (USA) and then load the game of your choice. An NTSC compatible television and RGB cable (sold separately) is required to make use of this feature. The Game Accelerator should work with most modern sets, but consult your TV manual if you are unsure. If the above paragraph baffled you with technical terminology, it basically means that the Game Accelerator can make games play 20% faster on modern televisions.

In addition to the 36,000 cheat codes, ‘Xploder V4’ also contains hundreds of game saves. These saves can be transferred directly onto your memory card, and loaded as normal. Some games contain multiple saves, so that you can start on a particular level, or with 100% of items unlocked. This is a great time saving device if you own a lot of games. It’s especially useful if you don’t want to jump through endless hoops completing mini-tasks, or finding hidden items, just to unlock a different coloured T-Shirt.

Xploder’s Memory Card Manager allows you to fit up to seven times the amount of data onto a memory card using its file compression technology. This allows you to store many Xploder game saves onto one card. You can compress and uncompress files at any time, should you wish to transfer your data.

As if that wasn’t enough, ‘Xploder V4 Pro’ even comes with a USB ‘X-Link’ cable. Used to connect your Playstation 2 to your PC, you can transfer game saves directly to your computer. This frees up valuable space on your memory card, and allows you to organise your saves effortlessly with the accompanied ‘X-Link’ PC software. Visit www.Xploder.net to download the latest game saves directly to your PC, which can be saved and transferred to your PS2. You can even email your game saves to a friend, and share your achievements.

There are help screens to guide you when using any of Xploder’s features, so all you need to worry about is what to unlock next. The layout is clear at all times, and features a funky fluid interface. The Professional version of ‘Xploder V4’ offers several additional features over the regular version, but both provide excellent value for money. It even comes in a sturdy metal tin, ideal for storing sandwiches in or wedging the door open.

‘Xploder V4 Pro’ has completely changed the way I play games, and encouraged me to dig out some old games that had been gathering dust. The X-Link memory management and game save facilities are an innovative work of genius.

With fully updateable codes and saves, plus must-have enhancements, ‘Xploder V4 Professional’ is the only cheat software you’ll ever need. Get it now!

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