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WWE Superstars are never afraid to try something new. Having appeared in countless films and television shows, your favourite wrestlers are now trying their hand at singing. While World Wrestling Entertainment have released various entrance theme albums, such as the excellent ‘WWE Anthology’, they haven’t produced an album featuring WWE Superstars since their highly successful 1992 release ‘Wrestlemania The Album’.

Opening with an entertaining segment featuring Stone Cold Steve Austin, sets the tone perfectly for the rest of the album. Featuring his trademark trash talking, the aptly named ‘Where’s the beer?’ interludes appear throughout the album, and bridge the many musical styles on offer.

The songs are all suited to the Superstars in-ring personas, featuring their trademark attitudes and style. It’s clear that they had a lot of fun, which comes through in the songs. Experienced WWE Composer Jim Johnston, who has worked on many entrance themes including Steve Austin’s, produces them all.

The first song comes from the hard-hitting Dudley Boyz. Their track ‘We’ve had enough’ is a combination of rock and rap. Next up is a romantic ballad from WWE Diva Trish Status called ‘I just want you’. Rey Mysterio’s Latino rap ‘Crossing boarders’ reflects on his long journey to becoming a WWE Superstar. Kurt Angle’s humorous track explains all the reasons why he’s great with ‘I don’t suck (really)’. Lita goes back to her punk roots with ‘When I get you alone’.

Ring announcer Lillian Garcia is an accomplished singer in her own right, and recently produced Torrie Wilson’s entrance theme. Her contribution to ‘WWE Originals’ is a powerful ballad ‘You just don’t know me at all’.

As his alter ego ‘Mongoose McQueen’, Chris Jericho has enjoyed success with his Metal band ‘Fozzy’. Here he reflects his arrogant TV persona with the rocking ‘Don’t you wish you were me?’

Rikishi slows things down with a Barry White inspired love song entitled ‘Put a little ass on it’. Other highlights also include Stacy Keibler’s funky dance number called ‘Can’t we just dance?’, Booker T’s rap ‘Can you dig it?’, and Eddie & Chavo Guerrero’s ‘We lie, we cheat, we steal’.

Concluding the album is the full version of John Cena’s entrance theme ‘Basic Thugonomics’.

As an additional bonus, ‘WWE Originals’ also contains an exclusive 30-minute DVD. Hosted by Jonathon Coachman, he takes a look at the production of the album, while trying to show off his ‘talent’ to producer Jim Johnston. The WWE Superstars talk openly about their musical aspirations, and discuss the creation of their songs.

This entertaining making-of reveals that Bubba Ray Dudley’s a skilled pianist, and Rikishi explains how ‘putting a little ass on it’ can solve all the World’s problems.

Also included are the complete lyrics for each song, so you can duet with your favourite wrestlers.

While they may never win a Grammy Music Award for their efforts, the WWE Superstars have produced some surprisingly good songs. There is something for every musical taste here, in an entertaining album that is a must own for WWE fans.

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