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Wrestlemania is the biggest pay-per-view event in WWE’s year. This is when legends are created, records are broken and history is made. Last year’s event saw one of the most electrifying matches of all time when Hulk Hogan faced The Rock. Expectations were certainly high coming into this event, and thankfully, WWE didn’t disappoint!

Wrestlemania XIX (or Wrestlemania 19, for those who were wondering) took place on Sunday 30th March 2003 in Safeco Field in Seattle, Washington, in front of a crowd of 54,097.There were so many big-name matches that it’s hard to pick out the main event.

As well as featuring numerous headlining superstars, WWE also provided some between-match entertainment. Limp Bizkit performed Wrestlemania’s theme song, as well as several of their other hits. The Millar Lite girls took part in a Catfight that served as nothing more then eye-candy.

1. Rey Mysterio and Matt Hardy kicked off the event, with a solid opening match-up.

2. The Undertaker faced Big Show and A-Train in a handicapped match. His partner Nathan Jones had been attacked moments before the event, jeopardising The Undertaker’s Wrestlemania winning streak. This was one of the weaker matches on the card, but the crowd were firmly behind the ‘Dead-Man’.

3. The first title match of the night was for Smackdown’s Tag Titles. Team Angle went up against The Guerreros and Rhyno & Benoit in a triple-threat match. This was quite a short match, which deserved more time to showcase some of Smackdown’s best talent. Entertaining non-the-less.

4. Another triple-threat match for the woman’s title came next featuring Trish Stratus, Jazz and Victoria. This match was surprisingly good, and finally showed promise for the woman’s division.

5. Shawn Michaels and Chris Jericho produced one of the greatest matches in their respective careers when they clashed heads. Both tried their hardest and produced a thoroughly enjoyable contest.

6. Triple H’s refusal to loose a match made this Title Match against Booker T disappointingly predictable. Booker T’s talent shined through, and he showed the makings of a future heavyweight champion.

7. My personal favourite match took place when Hulk Hogan faced Vince McMahon in a Street Fight. This contest was hyped as being 20 years in the making, and featured the two men that put WWE on the map. Considering both guys are in their 50’s, they impressively managed to pull off the most memorable (and bloody) match of the night!

8. The Rock faced ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin in their third, and possibly final encounter. This didn’t have the excitement of their previous matches, but both men put on a reasonable show. This time round, The Rock is the bad guy, and produced some real heat from the crowd. Worth watching just to Austin’s final in-ring performance since becoming the Co-General Manager on Raw.

9. The final match of the night saw Brock Lesnar face Kurt Angle for the WWE Title. This long-overdue match saw two of Smackdown’s most technically gifted wrestlers meet in what could have been the match of the year. Unfortunately, Kurt entered the match with a career threatening neck injury, which later required extensive surgery. As such, both men had to limit what they could do in the ring. Look out for Brock’s failed moonsault, in which he landed straight on his head. Miraculously he wasn’t injured, and although clearly dazed, managed to keep going. It’s a miracle either man walked out of this match in one piece! Both Kurt and Brock gave it their best, leaving you wanting more. A great finale to a well-executed pay-per-view!

As if that wasn’t enough, a second disc is included in the package featuring over 2 hours of fantastic extras! Highlights include some entertaining post-match interviews, a featurette on the Hogan / McMahon rivalry, and the debut of the man who was noticeably absent from Wrestlemania, Bill Goldberg!

With several hours of footage spread across 2 DVD’s, Wrestlemania XIX is definitely a worthwhile investment. The good matches greatly outweighed the bad, producing one of the most well rounded PPV’s in recent memory.

1. The Road To Wrestlemania
2. Wrestlemania Weekend
3. Post-match interviews
4. Wrestlemania Retro – 10 Superstars reveal their favourite ‘Mania moments
5. Hogan vs. McMahon – 20 Years in the making
6. Wrestlemania Promotional spots
7. Goldberg’s WWE Debut – 31.03.2003
8. Wrestlemania Promotional Spots

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