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Playstation 2

One strategy game has redefined the combat simulation genre. Previous incarnations have sold over 8 million copies, and another sequel was inevitable. Leading a team of war-hardened warriors, armed to the teeth with deadly weapons, you must defeat the enemy on the roughest terrain know to man. Such an arduous task requires the skill of the elite, the best of the best… it requires a team of two inch pink worms!

That’s right, those lovable, high-pitched worms are back, and in full glorious 3D. The gameplay remains the same as previous adventures, comprising of turn based combat. By adjusting the power and trajectory of your chosen weapon, you must aim it as close as possible to your enemy. There are a huge variety of wacky weapons on offer, including exploding sheep, flatulent old ladies, homing pigeons, Holy hand grenades, and my personal favourite, the banana bomb.

The main bulk of the single player experience takes place in Campaign Mode. Here you take on a number of themed, goal-oriented missions. As you progress, new levels, modes and weapons become unlocked for use in the rest of the game. The first level recreates the D-Day landing scene from ‘Saving Private Ryan’. Later levels include a ‘King Kong’ spin-off, and many more iconic landscapes. You can also take on additional tasks in ‘Challenge Mode’. Missions include shooting moving targets in the ‘Shotgun Challenge’, and racing against the clock in the ‘Deathmatch Challenge’.

For people new to the ‘Worms’ phenomenon, and those struggling with the new 3D design, a comprehensive tutorial is available. Play through this and you will soon be competing with the best of them, and maybe unlocking even more levels along the way. There is even a ‘Wormapedia’, providing a complete description on all weapons and items. This level of detail is represented across the whole of the game, making it a pleasure to play.

Worms 3D supports up to four players in Multiplayer mode. Here you can take on up to 3 friends or computer controlled teams in endlessly customisable battles. Everything from the number of weapons, team placement, round time, and even worm accent can be tweaked to your liking.

Thanks to the random level generator, no two matches are ever the same. You can also manually customise a levels theme, time of day, and number of land objects, height and size of playable islands. If this seems like too much hard work, you can dip into the ‘Worm Pot’ (A lottery-style grab bag of options) and create an infinite number of game parameters. Still sounds like too much work? Then the ‘Quick Start’ option is for you! One press of this, and a new game will start straight away.

Team 17 have done an excellent in bringing the game into the third dimension. The Worms are superbly animated, offering a variety of expressions and mannerisms. Levels are equally detailed, with each one bursting with a distinctive character. Humorous cut-scenes, made popular in previous games, are your reward upon completing a level. While the graphics already seem a bit dated, they serve the game well, and put other strategy games to shame.

From the toe-tapping Menu theme, to the 38 selectable Worm accents, the audio track is one of Worms 3D’s best features. Choose a voice track for your team, and then listen as they abuse your opponents throughout the match. Recommended selections include the Super Hero, Wrester, Teenage Angst, Welsh, Nagging Wife and London Cabbie voices.

Worms has made the transition to 3D effortlessly, maintaining all of its charm and humour. With infinite level designs and excellent single and multiplayer options, Worms 3D is one of the best strategy games on the market. It’s anarchic sense of humour and cartoon presentation will appeal to even the most casual gamers. Featuring almost limitless replay value, Worms 3D is definitely a worthy investment.

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