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Just in time for Halloween comes Microsoft’s Xbox exclusive platformer ‘Voodoo Vince’. Taking charge of a neurotic Voodoo doll, you must rescue Madam Charmaine from the clutches of evil. Sounds like any other platform game so far, but here’s the twist! Unlike other games, ‘Voodoo Vince’ actively encourages you to get in harms way. By inflicting damage upon yourself, all nearby monsters will suffer the fatal consequences.

Set in a Louisiana bayou in New Orleans, you must solve puzzles, leap chasms and pummel yourself to victory. Falling onto scissors, drinking laxatives and cutting yourself in half with a chainsaw are just three of the 30 Voodoo attacks at your disposal. Levels are also littered with hazards to take advantage of. Running into a high-speed blender, dropping a safe on your head, or setting yourself on fire, spell certain doom for your enemies.

There are many humorous puzzles to solve throughout the game. One level requires you to win a fancy dress contest, buy a saxophone with the prize money, learn to play in a jazz club, and then jam with an old musician. If you impress him with your playing, you gain access to the next level. As all the places open at different times, you can change the town’s clock to trick them into opening.

In addition, there are a selection of wacky vehicles to take for a spin, including a toy plane, fan boat, rat and even a shrimp. These provide entertaining distractions, and add variety to the game.

End of level bosses require an extra degree of self-mutilation to be defeated. To topple one of your first adversaries (a possessed dinosaur skeleton) you must conduct a massive surge of lightning to your brain. Free-falling head first into a pit of spikes also proves advantageous in later levels.

Voodoo Vince is packed with humour and sight gags. The script is consistently entertaining, made even better by the excellent voice-overs. The graphics are vibrant and colourful throughout, bringing Vince’s crazy world to life. The funky jazz music sets the tone perfectly, enhancing the overall atmosphere. To add to the game’s lifespan, you can also revisit past levels to collect all remaining items and Voodoo powers.

My only real reservation is the linearity of the game play. In many instances, puzzle solutions are made too obvious, leaving little room to experiment. That said, there is little else to fault with the game.

For a genre synonymous with unoriginal ideas, Voodoo Vince is a breath of fresh air. Brimming with imagination, humour and quirkiness, Voodoo Vince is the definitive platform game for Xbox. Anyone who enjoys exercising their thumbs while having a laugh should look no further!

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