WWE Unforgiven 2003 DVD Review

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168 mins

Sunday 21st September 2003 saw WWE Raw’s superstars meet at Hershey, Pennsylvania for their monthly Pay-Per-View extravaganza. The event was headlined by Triple H and Goldberg, and also featured several stipulation matches.

Unforgiven 2003 began with a Handicapped Table Match. After Spike Dudley was taken out of commission two weeks previous, the remaining two Dudley boys were left to take on Rob Conway and both members of La Résistance. This opening contest served as a good warm up match for the Hershey crowd.

Next up was another stage in the long running feud between Test and Scott Steiner. This time round the stipulation involved Stacy Keibler, the constant target of both superstars’ affections. If Steiner won, he would regain the services of Stacy, but if Test were victorious, he would acquire the services of both Steiner and Keibler. The outcome of this feud took the storyline in a much-needed new direction.

Every time Shawn Michaels steps in the ring, you are guaranteed an entertaining performance. Pitted against Randy Orton, the match-up was hyped as ‘Legend vs. Legend Killer’. In previous weeks, Randy had attacked various WWE legends including Mick Foley, in an attempt to make a name for himself. Shawn Michaels was the first main eventer that Randy had stepped into the ring with, and he had a lot to prove. Interference from Ric Flair failed to change the flow of the match, with Randy being taught a wrestling lesson from the ‘Show Stopper’. This was a solid contest, with both superstars displaying their undeniable talent. A slightly disappointing ending tarnished an otherwise excellent match-up.

Trish Stratus teamed up with the returning Lita to face Molly Holly and Gail Kim in a tag-team match. This feud had very little build up, but the divas pulled off an above average performance.

Since Kane removed his mask, he has become an unstoppable monster on Raw. Destroying everyone in his path, only one man was crazy enough to stand in his way - Shane McMahon. Previous matches have seen him dive 50 foot off a titantron, and leap from one corner of the ring to the other, burying a steel chair into his fathers face. When Kane tombstoned Linda McMahon, Shane readily signed up for a ‘Last Man Standing’ match against the Big Red Machine. With no disqualifications or count-outs, the only way to win is to incapacitate your opponent so badly that they cannot get to their feet before the count of 10. Due to a complete disregard for his own safety, Shane’s matches always prove compulsive viewing. This brutal fight had the crowd on its feet throughout, leading to a surprising, and bloody conclusion.

Christian defended his Intercontinental title in a triple-threat match against Chris Jericho and Rob Van Dam. The odds were clearly stacked against RVD, and he managed to hold his own against the two Canadians. Christian and Y2J’s greed stopped the two from truly gelling as a team. With lots of near-falls, and well-paced action, this was a consistently enjoyable match. Look out for an impressive double Electric Chair Drop by Christian off the top turnbuckle.

As the next match once again proved, commentators don’t make good wrestlers. Jim Ross and Jerry ‘The King’ Lawler faced The Coach and Al Snow in a match to determine who would be the announcers for Raw. This was by far the weakest match on the card, which would have been better suited to Raw then high up on a Pay Per View.

The main event saw Triple H once again defending HIS World Heavyweight Title, against Goldberg. An added stipulation guaranteed that if Goldberg lost, he would have to leave WWE. To even things up, Triple H could loose his World Title via pin fall, disqualification or count-out. Both heavyweights put on a surprisingly good performance, in what quickly turned into a slugfest. Triple H and Goldberg put on a worthy main event, but were overshadowed by the mid-card matches. Worth watching solely for the ending, which has become a rare thing on Raw these days…

Unforgiven 2003 was a generally entertaining Pay Per View, with only the Commentators match giving any real cause for complaint. With several well-developed feuds, most matches had satisfactory pay-offs. Unforgiven is worth checking out solely for the strong performances from Shane McMahon and Shawn Michaels. The lack of extras on this DVD release stopped the PPV from achieving a higher score.

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