Rey Mysterio: 619 DVD Review

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188 mins

No one re-defines the word ‘high-flyer’ like Rey Mysterio Jr. Defying the odds, he can take down even the largest of wrestlers with his acrobatic moves.

This action packed DVD follows Rey back to his childhood in Mexico. Here he learned to wrestle from his uncle, and adopted the name ‘Colibri’ (Hummingbird). Even as a teenager, he used to launch himself into the air and started developing his own moves.

Footage from his early matches, including many classic battles in WCW are included. Of particular note are his encounters with veterans such as Dean Malenko and Eddie Guerrero. Rey made an instant impression in the locker room, earning respect for his in-ring abilities and comparable size.

After WCW closed, Rey Mysterio was soon picked up by WWE. In his short time there, he has climbed the ranks, and now dominates the cruiserweight division. Featured matches include his Wrestlemania X9 debut against Matt Hardy, and his match against Kurt Angle at Summerslam 2002. Here, Rey recalls an amusing story of loosing his mask just before the match. Countless WWE Superstars and family members also offer in-depth stories.

Shortly after his WWE debut, Mysterio obtained a serious leg injury at the hands of A-Train. The injury required surgery, and Rey even took the time to talk to cameras from his hospital bed. From there, he discusses all of his previous injuries, highlighting the downside of being a pro-wrestler.

Rey also describes the importance of his mask, and it’s background. Amusingly, his face is blocked out in all scenes and photos when he isn’t wearing it. There is even a ‘Cribs’ style tour around his house, which includes a room that’s full of Mysterio’s own merchandise.

This DVD is jam-packed with extras, including 10 of Rey’s greatest matches throughout his career. Highlights include his 1998 match at ‘Bash at the Beach’ versus Chris Jericho, and his 2002 ‘Smackdown’ triple-threat match against Kurt Angle and Chris Benoit. Here, Rey pulls off an impressive Double 619! In addition is a WWE Confidential segment where Rey demonstrates how he comes up with his high-flying moves.

Rey Mysterio’s innovative style makes all of his match’s compulsive viewing. With over 3 hours of insane footage, this feature-packed DVD is definitely worth your attention. Check it out!


1. AAA When Worlds Colide 11/6/94
Rey Mysterio,Heavy Metal and Latin Lover vs. Fuerza Guerrera, Psicosis and Louie Spicoli.

2. Rey's WCW Debut Great American Bash '96
vs. Dean Malenko

3. Bash At The Beach '96
vs. Psicosis

4. WCW Nitro 7/7/96
vs. Malenko- 1st Cruiserweight title win

5. Halloween Havoc '97
vs. Eddie Guerrero - Mask vs. Title

6. Bash At The Beach '97
vs. Chris Jericho

7. SMACKDOWN 7/23/02
VS. Chavo Guerrero - Rey's WWE Debut

8. Smackdown 9/12/02
vs. Kurt Angle

9. Smackdown 9/26/02
vs. Kurt Angle vs. Chris Benoit

10. Smackdown 11/21/02
vs. Jamie Noble

11. Confidential "619"

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