Webmaster's Q and A: Special Edition

Welcome to this special edition of Webmaster's Questions and Answers!
I have re-answered some of my most asked questions, using 100% confirmed
information from THQ's press event on 2nd July 2003!

Q. Have you played Smackdown Here Comes The Pain yet?
A. I have indeed. I’m pleased to say that I am the very first person outside of THQ to play the game in the World!

Q. What are your first impressions?
A. The new game looks fantastic, and I’m very excited about it’s new features.

Q. What do you think is the best new feature?
A. There are so many to choose from! I am very impressed with the new grappling and weight systems. They add a whole new dimension to gameplay.

Q. Are the crowd still 2D?
A. No, they are in full 3D and look fantastic.

Q. What new matches will be in Smackdown 5?
A. Bra and Panty, Elimination Chamber and First Blood!

Q. How many playable wrestlers will there be?
A. Over 60, including approximately 12 Legends wrestlers!

Q. Legend wrestlers? Who are they?
A. THQ has finally decided to add wrestlers from WWE’s past, including The Ultimate Warrior, Million Dollar Man, Legion of Doom and Nikolai Volkoff. Other wrestlers are still being decided.

Q. Will Mr America be in the game?
A. Not only will there be Mr America, but also there will be TWO separate versions of Hulk Hogan! Each Hulk will have a change of clothes and will include: 80’s Hulk Hogan, NWO, Mr America, and the current Hulk Hogan!

Q. Will Jeff Hardy, Rowdy Roddy Piper and Crash Holly be on the roster?
A. Only Roddy Piper is still in the game. The other wrestlers have been removed, but their move-sets may still be included.

Q. What other wrestlers are 100% confirmed in the game?
A. We know of 46 confirmed wrestlers at present, including: Animal, A-Train, Bill Goldberg, Booker T, Brock Lesnar, Bubba Ray Dudley, Chavo Guerrero, Chris Benoit, Chris Jericho, D-von Dudley, Eddie Guerrero, The F.B.I, Hawk, Hurricane, Hulk Hogan, John Cena, Kane, Kevin Nash, Kurt Angle, Lita, Matt Hardy, Nathan Jones, Nikolai Volkoff, Randy Orton, Rey Mysterio, Ric Flair, Rob Van Dam, Rowdy Roddy Piper, Rhyno, Scott Steiner, Shawn Michaels, Stacy Keibler, Stone Cold Steve Austin, Test, The Big Show, Ted Dibiase, The Rock, The Undertaker, Torrie Wilson, Triple H, Trish Stratus, Ultimo Dragon, The Ultimate Warrior and Victoria.

Q. How near is the game to completion?
A. The game will be finished by the end of September.

Q. When will Smackdown! Here Comes The Pain be released?
A. It’s predicted to be released in the 2nd week of November 2003.

Q. Can you go under the bottom rope in the Royal Rumble?
A. No.

Q. How many wrestlers can you have onscreen at once?
A. 8.

Q. How does the new money feature in season mode work?
A. You earn money by winning matches. It can be used in the Shopzone to purchase (unlock) new characters, movesets, and environments.

Q. If a WWE Superstar changed their gimmick or Costume now, would it be included in the game?
A. Probably not, THQ are now reaching the cut-off point for roster updates.

Q. In a steel cage match, will you be able to exit through a door?
A. No.

Q. Will wrestlers suffer area specific damage?
A. Yes! Injure a leg repeatedly for example, and the wrestler will start to limp.

Q. Is there a way to tell which body parts are becoming injured?
A. There is indeed. THQ have thoughtfully included a body-shaped metre at the top of the screen. It starts off as completely blue, but attack a body part and you will see that area flash from green to orange and finally red.

Q. Will you be able to edit the WWE Wrestlers clothing in Create mode?
A. Yes.

Q. How come you haven’t posted any screen shots yet?
A. THQ has requested that no screen shots be released at this time. In return for holding on to them, they will be providing us with official high-resolution shots very soon!

Q. That all sounds fantastic, but there’s still a lot that I want to know!
A. I have a lot more answers for you, which will be revealed in our exclusive 45-minute interview with THQ’s Nick Wlodyka! I have a LOT more to tell you, including a few suprises!
Stay tuned!

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