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Friday 23rd April 2004
Q: Which non-WWE game are you most looking forwards to?
A1: Def Jam Vendetta 2 40%
A2: Legends of Wrestling: Showdown 46%
A3: Backyard Wrestling 2 6%
A4: WWX Rumble Rose 8%

Thursday 1st April 2004
Q: What do you think of the rumoured SD6 title 'Smackdown: Word Life'?
A1: It's awesome! 18%
A2: It's OK... 20%
A3: I hate it! 55%
A4: I don't care what it's called! 7%

Monday 1st March 2004
Q: Who should be the next World Heavyweight Champion on Raw?
A1: Chris Benoit 28%
A2: Shawn Michaels 28%
A3: Chris Jericho 16%
A4: Booker T 29%

Monday 5th January 2004
Q: Which wrestling match would you most like to see at Wrestlemania XX?
A1: Triple H vs Mick Foley 29%
A2: The Undertaker vs Kane 29%
A3: Steve Austin vs Vince McMahon 22%
A4: Goldberg vs Brock Lesnar 20%

Friday 31st October 2003
Q: Which new feature would you like to see added in Smackdown 6?
A1: Fight in crowd / Hit Commentators 45%
A2: Upload pic of your own face 16%
A3: General Manager Mode 25%
A4: Realistic Body Damage 14%

Monday 1st September 2003
Q: Which new match would you like to see in a future installment of Smackdown?
A1: Stretcher Match 20%
A2: Gravy-bowl Match 6%
A3: Casket Match 11%
A4: Inferno Match 64%

Sunday 3rd August 2003
Q: Which new wrestler would you most like to see in a WWE game?
A1: Sean O'Haire 45%
A2: Zach Gowen 8%
A3: Ultimo Dragon 6%
A4: Shane McMahon 41%

Sunday 20th July 2003
Q: Which game are you going to pre-order first from our Online Store?
A1: Metal Gear Solid 3 45%
A2: WWE Raw 2 26%
A3: Mario Kart: Double Dash 2%
A4: WWE Wrestlemania X9 27%

Sunday 6th July 2003
Q: What is your favourate new addition to Smackdown 5: Here Comes The Pain?
A1: Weight detection system 36%
A2: Expanded Counter System 5%
A3: Re-designed Grapple system 11%
A4: Area specific damage on wrestlers 47%

Sunday 29th June 2003
Q: Which part of our huge announcement are you most excited about?
A1: Exclusive Game information 30%
A2: Exclusive Games Producer Interview 5%
A3: Exclusive Event Photos & Screens 60%
A4: Exclusive Interview with WWE's Test 6%

Sunday 15th June 2003
Q: Which confirmed Smackdown 5 wrestler are you most excited about?
A1: Goldberg 74%
A2: Kevin Nash 5%
A3: Hulk Hogan 4%
A4: John Cena 17%

Sunday 8th June 2003
Q: Which WWE Bad Blood match are you most looking forwards to?
A1: Chris Jericho vs. Goldberg 7%
A2: Booker T vs. Christian 2%
A3: Triple H vs. Kevin Nash 90%
A4: Shawn Michaels vs. Ric Flair 2%

Sunday 1st June 2003
Q: Which of these forthcoming Summer movies are you most looking forwards to?
A1: The Hulk 22%
A2: Charlies Angels 2 17%
A3: Tomb Raider 2 8%
A4: Terminator 3 52%

Sunday 25th May 2003
Q: What would you like us to give away in our next exclusive competition?
A1: Wrestling Toy 11%
A2: WWE Book 3%
A3: Video Game 81%
A4: WWE Poster 4%

Monday 19th May 2003
Q: Now that E3 is over, which game are you most excited about?
A1: Legends of Wrestling 3 2%
A2: Raw 2: Ruthless Agression 4%
A3: Smackdown 5: Here Comes The Pain 89%
A4: Wrestlemania X9 5%

Sunday 18th May 2003
Q: Who will win the Intercontinental Title Battle Royal at Judgement Day?
A1: Chris Jericho 8%
A2: Booker T 36%
A3: Rob Van Dam 21%
A4: Someone Else 36%

Sunday 11th May 2003
Q: Which non-WWE game are you most looking forwards to?
A1: Def Jam Vendetta 25%
A2: Pride FC 1%
A3: Backyard Wrestling 31%
A4: MTVs Celebrity Deathmatch 43%

Sunday 3rd May 2003
Q: Which new match would you most like to be added to Smackdown 5?
A1: Elimination Chamber 25%
A2: Inferno Match 25%
A3: Bra and Panties 15%
A4: First Blood 34%

Sunday 27th April 2003
Q: What was your favorate WWE Backlash match?
A1: Rock vs. Goldberg 69%
A2: Los Guererros vs. Team Angle 6%
A3: Brock Lesnar vs. John Cena 17%
A4: Rey Mysterio vs. Big Show 8%

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