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PlayStation 2

Matrix Reloaded is arguably the biggest film release so far this year. With Matrix Revolutions still to be released, it was inevitable that a game would be made to cash in on the films current popularity.

Film tie-ins are usually pretty poor, with little thought going into making the game enjoyable and original. This is where I’m pleased to say that Enter The Matrix is different. The game is written and directed by the Wachowski Brothers, who directed The Matrix movie trilogy. Impressively, they shot over an hour of new footage exclusively for the game. Using the original cast, the plot expands upon events and characters from Matrix Reloaded.

This game is essentially a third-person shoot-'em-up, with a few driving levels for good measure. The two playable characters available are Niobe and Ghost, who feature in The Matrix Reloaded. Their roles take on more significance as game’s story unfolds. You also get to directly interact with the likes of Neo, Trinity, Morpheus and Agent Smith. The levels take you to a variety of locations from the films, including Zion and a vampire-infested mansion. All of which are recreated in photo realistic detail.

There’s a wide arsenal of weapons on offer, including a sniper rifle, machine guns and hand-grenades. When confronted by a bunch of agents, it’s actually much more fun to put away your guns and use Kung fu on them. The martial arts are directed by The Matrix’s fight scene choreographer, and are nothing short of spectacular. By pressing the ‘focus’ button, you can also dodge bullets, run up walls, and pull of some very powerful moves. This certainly adds to the length of the game, as I found myself playing through most of the game in slow motion!

My main criticism is that the car handling in the driving sequences is very poor. This problem mainly presents itself when playing as Niobe, the games designated driver. Select Ghost however, and can hang out the window, shooting incoming traffic.

There is much to unlock in Enter The Matrix, including a training level, and 2 player combat levels. Most of which can be accessed through the ‘hacking’ feature. Presented like a computer, you can search various hard drives to uncover cheats, video footage, secret audio messages and much more. Seasoned hackers can even drop weapons directly into the game!

Enter The Matrix provides a good-sized challenge, incorporating puzzles, platform, and action sequences for variety. With unprecedented help from the movie’s creators, this is possibly the best film tie-in to date. With breathtaking graphics, cinematic score, and choreographed fighting, you will remain gripped until the final scene.
A must own for Matrix fans and Kung fu wannabes!

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