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PlayStation 2

Ever wanted to launch a laser-guided missile at Triple H, from the comfort of your sports car? If so, read on…

Set in a media World dominated by Vince McMahon, WWE Crush Hour is his latest ratings grabbing creation. More then 30 WWE Superstars battle it out in custom made vehicles, in a battle for survival. Destructive weapons are littered throughout 12 modified arenas based on existing television themes.

The main bulk of the game takes place in the Season mode, where you can unlock new characters and arenas. There are multiple match types, including Hardcore, Battle Royal, and ladder matches. Matches are linked together by humorous adverts for fictitious television shows starring WWE Superstars. The funniest of which includes Kane hosting a cookery program.

Each wrestler drives out to their authentic entrance video and music. The actual wrestlers leant their voices to Crush Hour, a feature yet to be properly utilised in THQ’s wrestling games. The in-game action is commentated by WWE Raw’s Jim Ross. Instead of speaking constantly, the commentary is wisely spaced out to avoid too much repetition. All of which builds the atmosphere, reminding you that you’re playing a WWE game.

Each arena has many destructible elements, which uncover new areas and secret weapons. For the stuntman in you, there are also plenty of ramps to launch yourself off. Hazards are littered throughout the stage, so you have to be careful before launching an aerial attack. The tide of a match can change if you land in front of an oncoming train, or fly of the side of a building into the sea.

There is a genuine rush of adrenaline when playing through the various match types. The action is certainly fast paced, with little room for error. For example, trying to keep hold of the belt in ‘Hardcore’ mode is no easy task. Once you have captured the belt, you have to keep hold of it until the time runs out. One fatal error and you will quite often find yourself having to restart the level. Keep at it though, and the game becomes a satisfyingly rewarding experience.

As expansive as the season mode is, it’s the multiplayer mode that will keep you coming back for more. It’s always more satisfying when a friend is at the receiving end of your deadly arsenal of weapons! All of the modes unlocked in season mode are available to play, which encourages you to explore the game fully.

WWE Crush Hour’s weakest point lays in the graphical department. This certainly isn’t Gran Turismo. The graphics are functional enough, but lacks the slick presentation of THQ's Smackdown series. Don’t let this minor complaint put you off though, as Crush Hour is certainly worth your attention.

This game will appeal to casual gamers, and offers something new to wrestling fans. Crush Hour’s fantastic price makes it an even more tempting proposition. Definitely worth checking out!

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